With Candace teaching me "you don't need to know it all, you just need to know enough!" it was easy to feel secure with taking the test. Thank you Candace and if I need more lines of insurance I will be signing up with your school... #bestinstructor

- Jessica

Candace Bolcum-Pauline

"My goal at Ace Insurance School is to help students learn the basics, understand the insurance concepts, how these contracts work, and to make sense of the world of insurance. 


I have so many stories to add to what the students read in their text books. These stories bring to life the good, the bad, and the ugly of not having the adequate insurance coverage. These stories help students remember what they learned in the classroom and to help them pass the state exam.

Not just to pass the state exam, but to help students understand what these insurance contracts are. The more a student knows about the basics, the easier it is to sell the insurance products. My advice to all my students: 'Don’t cram your exam, Ace your state exam!' This is not just a slogan. I want my students to learn, and to be their best when graduating!"


Ace Insurance School is proud to partner with Kaplan Professional Education to bring our students the highest level of success in their insurance education. Our Las Vegas owned school is owned by a state-licensed producer / former agent who has been active in the industry for over 10 years. The faculty is made up of licensed resident producers that can provide you the expertise on successfully navigating the state licensing process.

Important Student Conduct Policy Information

Our Student Conduct Policies

Ace Insurance School would like all students to be aware of the student conduct policy.  We expect all our students to act maturely and respect the other students and faculty members. We reserve the right to terminate students for any violations to the following rules and regulations:

Any student caught cheating in exams or assignments

Any sexual misconduct, i.e.: unprofessional advances, vulgar or offensive language, or harassment on the school's premises

Disruptive, abusive, or unprofessional behavior

Any student under the influence or in possession of alcohol, marijuana, or any controlled substances on the school’s premises.

Any student in possession of firearms or weapons of any nature on the school’s premises.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please call Ace Insurance School today at 702-418-1936.

Student Conduct 

Career and Placement Services

Ace Insurance School does not offer any employment assistance to our graduates. We make no guarantees, expressed or implied, as to your future employment status. Current laws prohibit us, or any school, from guaranteeing job placement as an inducement to enroll students.