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December 2018 After passing P&C state licensing on my first try, gave me confidence to return to ACE to take the L&H licensing class. Candace is such an amazing instructor that I passed my L&H state licensing exam also on my first try! She's able to give real life examples so you can better understand and relate so the material sticks. Can't say enough about Candace, she's highly recommended!!!

Emmily K. 1/4/2019

Candice was my teacher for Property and Casualty and was incredibly awesome! I passed the State test because of her tips and tricks she taught us in her class. If you're looking for the best P&C class to take, do yourself a favor and take Candice's. She will give you everything you need in order to PASS the super hard test!

Kristine Pierce 10/22/2019

I took the P & C Class and the L& H Class with instructor Candace. She did an "OUTSTANDING JOB, of helping myself and the entire class to understand this complicated subject (for me) of insurance. She answered all the students questions and more! I took the P & C Class and the L& H Class with instructor Candace. She did an "OUTSTANDING JOB, of helping myself and the entire class to understand this complicated subject (for me) of insurance. She answered all the students questions, and made it easy to understand the insurance concepts. She went into details, and helped pull all of the concepts together that made sense to me. Thank you to the Staff School of Insurance, you made this learning experience for me a pleasure!!

John Davis 3/14/2019

Candice was a wonderful teacher for my Property & Casualty course. I greatly recommend taking her class! She made it fun & easy to remember

Montse Merino 3/1/2020

Candace is an amazing instructor! Goes over everything very clearly and makes sure you understand the information before continuing. Also, she has funny life stories to help with her teaching , and has several tricks to help you understand the material. 10/10 would recommend any class with her . Received my license and am forever greatful for her.

Russel R. 10/4/2018

I am so grateful I chose Ace Insurance School. Candace is such an awesome teacher. She keeps the class interesting and teaches you techniques to remember the information you need for the exam and to actually understand the coverages in a simple way. I PASSED THE TEST ON MY FIRST TRY. I definitely put the tools Candace gave me in place to pass and I want to recommend Ace Insurance School to everyone, you will not be disappointed. Do it!

Sandra A. 119/2019

Candace is an amazing teacher. I never thought I would be able to pass the test.After taking her classes, I passed my P&C test on the first attempt. Definitely take her courses. She’s the best.

Matt P. 1/3/2021

Henderson, NV

Omg!! Let me just say I’m 43 and haven't taken a test since my GED. I'm not book smart at all. More of a people person. Hands on kinda style. Candace was able to explain this foreign language in a relatable way so I could not only understand it but retain it. Her style of instructing and teaching are unmatched. Between her online or classroom classes, you will benefit by taking her course. She isn't all about the money. She genuinely cares about getting her students to pass. I was able to take the course a second time, free of charge, before my final with the state as a refresher!! And I Passed my first attempt!!! She can tell from the moment she meets you, how to teach you, how to make the information stick. Everyone learns differently and she definitely adjusts to your learning mindset and ability. I will be sending all my new agents and producers to her class for the company I work for. And recommend her for any other licensing as well.
Once again thank you for so much..
You're favorite student,

Kevin M.12/25/2020

Las Vegas, NV

I loved attending Ace Insurance School with Candice, she makes the classes fun, give excellent tips and has great stories that are very relatable to help you remember and associate questions on the State Licensing Exams. I was able to pass both the P&C in August 2020 and L&H September 2020. I past both with flying colors on my first try. I would highly recommend attending Ace Insurance School if you are thinking of getting in the insurance business.

Cindy B. 10/29/2020

Las Vegas, NV

My name is Rhonda, This school is the Best!!! Candice is the best instructor ever. She really makes you understand the world of insurance. And takes pride in teaching us the correct way!!! I recommend this school if you want the Best!!!!!

Mike I.9/24/2020

Henderson, NV

Candace, makes this class come to life. I took computer classes and read books but Candace explains the terminology. She really knows the insurance business and she is willing to share with you! She wants to help you work the field with integrity. She not only wants you to pass the test she wants you to understand it I knew nothing about insurance but after her class i new this is what i wanted to do. I passed the test. 🙂

Allison H.1/6/2020

Henderson, NV

I went this to school not knowing anything about Insurance. After 2 weeks I took my State test and passed the first time. Candace is a expert in Insurance and will help you pass this test. She has a wealth of knowledge for this industry and her stories are great. I consider myself to be a pretty smart person but I do not believe I would have passed without taking her course. Spend the money you will enjoy her teaching style and she will get you to pass the test.

Z N.7/17/2020

North Royalton, OH

Candace is great. She's with you through the whole process. Start to finish to make sure you pass.
I like her teaching style. She probably knows more about insurance than Kaplan. Nonetheless great experience very knowledgeable and great with students.

Keala K. 12/26/2019

Las Vegas, NV

I was referred to this school by a friend and so glad I followed the recommendation. Candace is a great teacher and makes learning fun. It is so much better than taking the courses online. I took her life and health class and learned so much. I've been in the healthcare industry for 24 years and still learned so much more. I plan on going back and getting my certification for auto and casualty. You will not be disappointed. Definitely a great place to learn. Two thumbs up!!!!!!!

Ken W. 12/23/2019

Las Vegas, NV

I knew nothing about insurance 2 weeks ago. After 2 weeks of class, I passed the licensing exam on the first try! Candace is an amazing instructor. I highly recommend her!!!

Evangelline T. 10/2/2019

Los Angeles, CA

Candice is a very passionate teacher. She makes sure you understand the information. With stories, which makes her class fun. She will also give you tips on how to take the test. One tip is do not doubt yourself. Go with your gut.

Estefania T. 10/2/2019

Los Angeles, CA

Candace is such an amazing teacher. She makes learning so much fun. I took her class for property and casualty first and she helped me so much with passing my exam. It took a couple times but she helped me understand the material. The second time taking her class was the best! I understood everything because of the way she taught it. Thank you Candace! Passed my test right away!

Madison B. 9/20/2019

Las Vegas, NV

Candace is an amazingly upbeat and very knowledgeable teacher. Her class was very helpful for me and it was one of the main reasons I passed the state insurance exam. Class-time was very productive and she guides you to what you will need to know for the state exam

Ahmad B. 3/13/2019

Humble, TX

I can't say enough about Candace! She is so passionate and able to bring boring text to life. Candace is able to make a 4 hrs class feel like 2 hrs because of her upbeat personality and able to give real life examples. I definitely highly recommend her!!! If you are serious about getting your license, starting a new career, you definitely have to go to Ace Insurance School of NV!!!

Emm K. 10/18/2018

Las Vegas, NV

"Candace is a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher. You can feel her passion for insurance, and her dedication to make sure her students get proper instruction. In her classroom Candace uses stories and experiences to help her students understand insurance. Those stories help you understand how insurance works. Candace helps you study efficiently  and her highlighting techniques have not failed me yet! I would recommend her class to anyone who is looking to pass their insurance licensing exams. With a program that is flexible for working students,  with options for night or daytime classes, Candace has your back!"

Chelsea Gallacher 

BC Insurance